Long Hair Shampoo and Other Ways to Grow Your Hair

Growing your hair out is not hard, but it takes time and patience. There is only one way to improve your hair long but many different products you can use to keep your hair healthy and active while you do it. Here are some necessary steps to keep your hair healthy while growing it. The longer your hair gets, the stronger it has to be to support the weight of each strand if your hair is weak it will simply just break off. Read more abou hair piece Singapore here.

Is Your Hair Healthy?

Is your hair thin in areas or very weak when growing your hair long it has to be very healthy. Here are a few ways to improve your hair and make sure it is healthy.

1). When you decide you want to build your hair out the first thing you need to do is start with a trim. This will get rid of split ends or any damaged areas. Damaged hair will not grow as you want it too so start with a clean slate. When building your hair out, you still need to trim it every other month to keep it growing healthy. If your hair gets damaged, it will stop growing, so that is why frequent trims are so important. You want to take a tiny bit off the ends no more than a quarter of an inch.

2). Always let your beautician know that you are growing your hair out so they can take the proper steps when working with it. The last thing you want is them damaging it when you are almost done and losing a few inches of length. Also if you want your hair to be long and healthy stay away from color or chemical treatments, these will make your hair brittle. Even a blow dryer can do significant damage to hair so say NO. If you have to use a blow dryer use it on cold to keep from burning the hair. Stick to any products that are ceramic; they are more gentle on your hair use them at low heat.

3). Do not under any circumstances use any perm, or color on your hair unless it is all natural. Chemicals strip the natural oils and embed into the hair causing it to crack and become weak. Once this happens, the hair is seven times more likely to break. It also dries the hair out very badly. Even if you use long hair shampoo, it may not be enough to fix dyed hair. If you have color and want to grow your hair out using a deep treating conditioner at least once every ten days to treat your hair and instill hydration. A daily leave-in conditioner is not a bad idea either. Bottom line, never perm your hair, ever. It is that bad. This goes for pools as well. If you are going to swim in a pool make sure it is salt water. Salt will dry your hair out, but it is organic, so you will have no problem putting moisture back into it.

4). Avoid braiding or anything that constricts or kinks your hair. This will cause weak spots in the hair strand and lead to breakage. Extensions and dreadlocks are also bad for your hair. Extensions use glue that bind to the hair and when it is time to take them out you have to cut the hair very short. Also, dreadlocks fall into the braided category; they are horrible for your hair. They cause knots and tangles and make your hair very weak.

5). Stay away from crash dieting. This can rapidly change your bodies levels causing significant stress. This stress will lead to thinning hair. The best thing to do for your hair follows a diet like south beach. It follows guidelines that stay away from fried food and sugar. It also focuses on good fats such as nuts, salmon and fresh vegetables. If you do this, your hair will become very healthy.

6). Please take a good look at your hair products because they could be harming your hair. Look for products that are naturally based and sulfate or PABA free. This is very important because these chemicals can be harmful to you. Also if you are going to use styling products use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week to help clean the product build-up off of your scalp.

7). When washing your hair be gentle, do not scrub with your nails. This can create extra oils and lead to oily hair or even flakes. Be gentle massage your scalp gently. Do the same with conditioner. If you have naturally greasy hair, then think about skipping conditioner altogether. You can still use a spray on the conditioner but, you might be able to jump the after shampoo conditioning. On the other hand, if you have dry hair try to find a conditioner that contains emu or jojoba oil. This will lock moisture to the hair shaft leaving yours with soft, smooth hair.

Using these tips and good long hair shampoo you should be able to grow your hair longer quicker. If all else fails to try a good hair vitamin as well, this good help Online wigs, through the use of the right wigs you will get your confidence back, high quality wigs also affect the beauty of your hair that matches your face shape.

Long Hair Shampoo and Other Ways to Grow Your Hair